About your data:
Our hosting provider collects the following information automatically when accessing; Your visit, the country your visiting from, whether your using a desktop or mobile computer (and what type it is), your web browser software i.e. Chrome or Firefox.  This information is not shared and is not identifiable to individuals.

Submission Forms / Event Registration:
We may ask you to submit some details to book onto an official club event, these are only used to help book campsites, evening meals or museum entry – they will never be used for anything other than the desired purpose or passed onto anyone other than the events officer.

You may email the club for correspondence, your details are never passed onto any third parties nor used for anything other than the desired request.

The server is located in a data centre in Denmark within the European Union. is https enabled to ensure a secure connection between your device and the web service.

We promise to look after your personal data, (stored on a secure computer system) and will never pass it on without your permission, and never pass it on to third parties if we publish data (for example makes of cars) this is always highly anonymised.
As a club member you have already agreed for us to hold your data on a computer system, and we’ve already promised to look after it. Due to the nature of the club and the minimal data we hold and the purpose we hold it, your previous permission is classed as ‘presumed consent’, so you don’t need to do anything more. We only use your data to send you magazine/newsletters and details about events or other club activities. We already promise not to bombard you with emails, letters and we wont ask for information that’s not required.

For any questions please contact Mel Holley –