The Vehicles

The origins of IFA …

In the immediate post-war period, the German vehicle industry, in both east and west, slowly recommenced production based on pre-war designs.  As Cold War divisions forced East and West Germany apart, the resulting two countries each began to develop new vehicle designs.

The German Democratic Republic (DDR) nationalised vehicle production and brought it together under the Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau (Industrial Association for Vehicle Construction) union of companies normally abbreviated to IFA group.

IFA produced everything from bicycles, motorcycles, light commercial vehicles, cars, vans and heavy trucks.  All East German vehicle manufacturers were part of IFA , including Barkas, EMV (which made Wartburg cars), IWL, MZ, Multicar, Robur, Sachsenring (which made Trabant cars) and Simson.

New designs soon replaced the pre-war vehicles – click on the vehicle logos below for more information.







       W50 & L60 IFA Trucks