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Clubs: The Wartburg Trabant IFA Club is pleased to share interests with the following organisations:
Skoda Owners Club
MZ Riders Club
Lada Owners’ Club
Tatra Register
DKW Owners’ Club GB
Trabant Forum
FSO / Zastava

Spare Parts:  The following suppliers are frequently used by members (inclusion here does not imply any particular recommendation or endorsement by Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK):
BarkasKonsum – Owner Michael Geiger speaks good English.
LDM-Tuning – website pages in English
Reich-Tuning – website pages in English
TrabantWelt – website in German, but can contact in English
IFA Service Heinz – Martin Heinz speaks good English
Danzer Autoteile – good website – extensive stock
TrabiTeile – IFA vehicles and more
Hermel – IFA vehicles and more

Technical Publications:
Trabant Maintenance Guide (Peter Frost)
Trabant Owners Handbook (English):  …
Trabant Workshop Manual (English): ….
Trabant Colour Guide:
Etc   …….

Last Days of Barkas Production:  …..
Ditto – Part 2: …
Etc ……