Deutschland 86 premieres in Berlin

An instagram post from Jonas Nay teasing that he was “Getting dressed at @ladage.oelke for the premiere of DEUTSCHLAND 86 in Berlin tomorrow” set more than a few Club members’ hearts racing.

Cold War drama Deutschland 83 was hugely popular with Club members, not only for its gripping plot featuring Nay as ‘Hummingbird’, border guard turned undercover agent, but also for the many Eastern Bloc cars available to spot throughout the series.

Deutschland 86 catches up with Martin Rauch, his aunt Lenora and their HVA comrades three years after the end of Deutschland 83. Martin is recalled from exile in Africa and sent back into the field, with missions taking him to South Africa, Angola, Libya, Paris, West Berlin and finally back to the GDR.

The ten new episodes will be shown exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, beginning in Germany on October 19, 2018. The show will make its US debutĀ  on Sundance TVĀ  on 25th October, and is expected to air in the UK in the new year.

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