Kenton’s our winner!

Gainsborough-based car enthusiast Kenton Rose enjoyed a day out at the UK’s premier classic car show as a VIP guest of the Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK, the club for people who appreciate the eclectic cars of the former Eastern Bloc.

Kenton won the Club’s online competition for a pair of tickets to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2018 and started his day at the NEC with a visit to the Club’s Berlin Wall-themed stand.

“I’m into all the Eastern European cars,” Kenton said. “I’ve always been a fan of Skodas – my granddad had one years ago, and then I grew up round them with the family. At one point I had 17. I’ve had Ladas, FSOs – I can honestly say that I’ve had over 100 cars.”

Kenton owned a Wartburg Knight years ago and says that he would love a Trabi but at more than 6 foot tall he doubts he would fit behind the wheel.

His dream Eastern Bloc car would be a Tatra 603, the luxury car reserved for senior party officials and factory owners in communist Czechoslovakia.

Kenton works as a coach driver but over the last decade has built up a thriving photography business, concentrating on cars and aviation. He also enjoys retro caravanning and owns a 1983 Kip Kompakt lightweight ‘van which he rescued from a hedge in Grimsby and is renovating over the winter.

Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK Chairman Mel Holley said: “We were delighted to meet Kenton, who is a real enthusiast for Eastern Bloc motoring.”

12 November 2018