Bring Christmas Home – with a Trabant!

Club members have been enjoying the advert breaks a bit more than usual this Christmas thanks to Asda’s ‘Bring Christmas Home’ campaign.

Launched onto the small screen on 2 November, the 60-second ad starts with  Santa sending a flaming Christmas pudding into the air to summon a Christmas convoy of skiers, Santas on motor bikes, cowboys riding Christmas trees and – most importantly! – Trabant-driving Yetis – to pour down a snowy mountain laden with Asda festive goodies.

Asda’s Chief Customer Officer Andy Murray said: “We really wanted to hone in on a universal feeling about Christmas that people could relate to. The one thing we all kept coming back to was the sense of excitement that comes from preparing to bring your nearest and dearest together, how crazy and chaotic it can feel, but ultimately how all the effort results in something wonderful when you bring Christmas home.’

The ad was created by Caio Giannella and Diego de Oliveira of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO,  and directed by Agustín Alberdi from the Stink production company.

We have reached out to Stink to ask where the inspiration for the Trabant came from but they are so far keeping their cards close to their chest. Maybe Agustín is a secret two-stroke fan!

  • watch more behind-the-scenes footage here.